email question

How do I add my signature all outgoing message

Sorry,in German (i can only a little bit of english)

Click on menu tools and settings,  mail and templates and signatures.  create your signature and than under signatures pick the one for new email and also for signature for replies and forwards if you wish them to be added

I do not see  “mail and templates and signatures” after goin to menu, tools and settings? Any additional thoughts. Thanks so much. 

Click MENU
Click Settings
Click mail
Click templates and signatures

@ Steve Friedman

Do you get this at all? Are you on a Mac version?

After you click on Signatures
You’ll get this:

After you Click  Add Signature  -You’ll get to create your signature

Then you go back to Fig 1 and and designate the just created signature to the 3 choices
for outgoing mail.

If you don’t see any of this in eM Client, please show a screenshot of what you do see…


Thank you. I understand now. Got it!