Email people in an event from the event details

I have tons of meetings for my company, and usually, someone in the event needs to change the date or time. Also, we need to ask the people in the event to bring certain documents.

With outlook, if you open the event and hit CTRL+SHIFT+R, you could create an email which adds the event information as the subject and adds all of the attendees to the TO box.

You don’t realize how much you use it until you dont have it, and you don’t know how much you are missing until you use it.

It’s really a great feature and I think it should be added. I personally have been using Sunrise Calendar on my iPad just so I can use this feature.

What makes a great app is its features. It needs to be as good or better than its competition. I love this app, but there are some features I just ask my self, WHY don’t they have it?