email notification kept until read


I have started to use EM Client, and one option is quite disturbing.

Whenever I receive en email, I get the rigth notifications (notification area, pop-up, sound), but it disappears when EM becomes active.

I explain my need. When I am working, especially in a meeting, I disable sound and don’t look at the screen so often. So I don’t get the pop-up and sound notifications. And, if I am on EM Calendar or Contacts, the tray notification disappears.

Would that be possible to keep the tray notification until the new mail is actually read? Thunderbird and Oultook do that.

Thank you


Hi, in Tools > Settings > General > Notifications, you can setup the time when the popup window disappears or disable the option completely.
But there’s no option to dismiss the notifications after the mail is read.

Hope this helps,

OK, I will keep the pop-ups, but I remain interested by such behaviour.


The notification is used to indicate there’s new mail available in the application, once you open the application it is considered you’re aware of this and you still see the indication of unread email inside the application.

Thank you,

This is exactly what my comment is about. When I put the application in the foreground watching the calendar for example, the nottification disappears while I havn’t read the email. I can then remain unaware of new email in such situation.

I will cope with pop-ups in the meantime.