Email not received but showing as sent

I am having difficulty with people receiving emails I send. The emails are in my sent folder and I received the copy I sent myself but the recipient didn’t receive the email.

When emails are showing sent in your mail client (and you receive a copy of the email you sent yourself as you advised) and the sent email is not bouncing back, that usually means your emails are either being filtered when it arrives like a eg: spam filter, or automatically being moved by a specific rule and going to a specific mail folder.

So have them first check in their spam / junk folder as is the most common place to look when this type of thing happens.

Also have the recipient check their rules & filter settings “in their mailbox online” and “in their mail client” incase your emails are being automatically filtered or moved to another folder when it arrives.

Also if you have an eg: IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud account, see if the sent email is showing online in your webmail.

If it is showing sent online in your webmail ok, you definitely know the problem lies with the recipient mailbox or client end.