Email not deleted from server pop3


Hi John, if you’re using a POP account with eM Client, make sure you have the option, delete messages when deleted from the deleted folder in your account settings under Tools > Accounts > Your account > POP3

Also note that the message will be deleted from the server only if you remove the message from the deleted folder, e.g. when you empty the trash.

Hope this helps,

Hi I have exactly the same situation and when I empty the trash on emclient it still does not delete the mail on the pop3 inbox. All options are set correctly as directed. Help would be great.

Hello Simon,
what version of eM Client are you currently running?
Are you emptying the account’s folder or the global one in Smart folders?


Hi Olivia,
I am using version 6.0.24928.0.
Yes I double checked and I am emptying the trash folder from my account; even closing the program too.

PS I can send and receive emails fine.

Here are the two logs after I deleted 3 emails out of the trash box on croc02 account

I sent these vial email yesterday.

Hello Simon,
what email provider do you use? I managed to replicate your issue with Gmail - but their POP settings cannot unfortunately support this feature.
Is that your case or do you use a different mail address?


Hi Olivia. I use bigpond in Australia. I do have a client app (thunderbird) that does work. Thanks I emailed logs recently. Simon