Email not being sent from email account (Yahoo)

I recently setup an Yahoo email account.  I can receive messages fine, but have never been able to send them.  I double-checked the Yahoo server settings that eM Client sets and I see no issues there.  When I hit send messages, it states that it is sending them but they never leave my Outbox. 

I have an Outbox folder under my Local Folders, but do not have an Outbox underneath my Yahoo account folders.  I don’t if that is an issue though?

It does state that an attempt to my Yahoo account failed, but gives no reason in the error dialog box.  Also, I do have have the option of allowing apps that use less secure sign on option checked in my online Yahoo account.

Any suggestions would be appreciated…

Yes, the Outbox that eM Client uses is the Local Folder one. So that is normal.

One suggestion is to disable your anti-virus application, then try sending again.

You will find the errors in Menu > Tools > Operations.