Email minimization of groups in main view

em client has now finally replaced my Outlook. There are only a few things I’m missing, but maybe I just haven’t found the function yet.

  1. email = the minimization of the groups (last week, older ones) disappears again after a screen change and all emails are displayed again. This is annoying, especially with a high volume of emails. I would like to see the Outlook view settings adopted.

  2. the task agenda can be displayed in the email view, but not an additional calendar view (day, week or month).

I wonder if someone is really using this forum, maybe I should address my Q&A direct to the developpers.

email = the minimization of the groups (last week, older ones) disappears again after a screen change and all emails are displayed again

Can you do a screenshot example of the groups before and after disappearing. Blank out anything personal.

Also when you say “disappears after a screen change”, what do you mean by that. Eg: are you changing resolution or switching between apps, or switching to another virtual set of windows etc.

I would like to see the Outlook view settings adopted

Can you do a screenshot example how Outlook view settings are that you would like in eM Client.

thx, cyberzork, for our interest and patience. Unfortunately it took some time to answer since I had to re-install Outlook to show the screen shot.
Screenshot 1 Outlook: it shows the outlook view when I had mininize the respective periods. The view remains as long as I do not change it manually. Even if outlook is closed and later restartet, the view remains as setted before.


Screent shot EM Client 1: shows the view of the email app, setted manual

Screen shot EM Client 2: shows how the manual setting is changed whenever I switch from e.g. input to e.g.sent or when changed from input to calendar or any other option of em client.

“disappears after a screen change - means within the EM client options. Changing e.g. from email input to calendar or tasks, the manual setting of the input (or sent) option has changed and all periods (groups) are shown opened.
Best regards, Bodo

Ok i see what you mean where the “messages are all reopening automatically in the various accounts and groups” and not staying closed or not staying how you left them last when you close and reopen eM Client.

I don’t know of a setting to change that in the program. Hopefully someone on the forum will be able to help you with that. Ps It might need an update to the program to allow that to work like Outlook.

Thanks for your reply. It seems to be a minor issue, but if you have a high daily email volume, then the clarity suffers greatly. Even if you archive or delete emails promptly, as I do on a daily basis. From this point of view, a permanently adjustable view - as offered by Outlook - would be highly desirable.

By the way, I would like to emphasize that I have been using Outlook (MS Echange client) as a central application since 1997, which is more than 25 years. I switched from Outlook Exchange to em client (Exchange + IMAP) because Microsoft has taken the connection to an MS account to the extreme and I don’t want to be bullied. In the meantime, I much prefer working with em client and am very satisfied, apart from a few minor details.