Email messages takes long to load and longer to open or won't load

Is there a way to get this resolved? The inbox takes long to load and the email from anyone take long to open as well. I need help

If you are running VPN or antivirus apps, try turning them off and see if that helps.

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No I don’t have an antivirus app, my PC are protected through my Comcast internet service

I am also a Comcast/Xfinity customer. Their security still requires the running of an antivirus/firewall app.
Running windows or Mac? If windows, what version?
Are you running a VPN? Have you rebooted your computer?
Did this slow down just happen? If so, have you installed recent updates to eMC or any other app, Xfinity, PC operating system?
Running any other apps on your computer that are experiencing the described slow speed in eMC?

As a reminder, the more info the better as we only know what you tell us.

Windows 10 Home edition, No VPN as far as I know. Yes I shut down my PC everyday at 7pm. Yes this slow down just recently happened. The eMClient is up to date and no recent app installed other than my DVDsoft software. Most time my PC is slow to respond whether the desktop apps or Google Chrome not sure why. I will look into getting a AntiVirus and see I am also going to scan the system with Malwarebytes and Superantispyware

eMC Version #?

Windows 10, 11 or earlier?
We could use a screenshot of MENU >Accounts>IMAP or POP3 settings

Finally, I would suggest that you use your Xfinity phone app to run a test on your internet connection to check for problems and test your speed.

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If you keep Win 10 Updated, Windows Defender anti-virus is perfectly adequate, it is part of the system and Free.

Free Malwarebytes Download
Free Malwarebytes Download HERE



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Most time my PC is slow to respond whether the desktop apps or Google Chrome not sure why.

As your PC appears to be slow even when not using eM Client, it could be related to eg: wrong display video drivers where everything can be terrible slow if you are using a default vanilla display driver and not the correct or same one that you had prior to reinstalling the PC.

So check you have reinstalled the correct display driver.

Also check you have reinstalled all the correct motherboard drivers and that you also don’t have any obvious errors in device manager.

Apart from that you might have possibly a resident background program running on startup possibly causing everything to be slow. So you could test if it’s that by disabling all non OS background tasks on Windows startup and reboot.

Lastly if it’s only internet apps that are slow, check that your Internet speed is working at the proper speed as it was before as could just be that. A good site to check is eg: speediest .net.

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If you haven’t tried it yet, run the installation file again and select “Repair”. It worked for me immediately. Just did it so don’t know if it will be a short-term or long-term fix, but even if only short-term it’s a fast and painless way to speed things up even if I have to do it once every few months.

Good luck -