Email merge doesn't work from Word 7

When I set up an email merge in Word 7 (to send personalized mass emails), my email is associated with eM, but mass emails don’t send. Why? I tested it with individual emails, and they send, so I know it is connected (via Word 7 and Outlook live).

Also, in my test that worked, it made my body message an attachment in Word. How do I change this and keep it in a body attachment?? (spam filters will block messages with attachments.)

Are you referring to the “mass mail” option in eM Client?

Yes. Do you know the solution?

Sorry- new here. Was reading my own question. I mean using MS Word email merge option. I connect eM to it, but mass emails don’t send from Word (individual ones do).

Em Client MASS MAIL option only works in PRO version…

I have no knowledge of MS Word… perhaps it is smart enough to know mass mail will not work in free version

Please send me a link that says it only works in Pro version. It should be working because it works for individual emails sent from Word.

Go to the eM CLient web site and look under PRICING

I’m not going to fish around for it. If you saw it, please send the link. You just said you don’t know about Word, which is what I’m seeking answers for.

And I am not going to send you a link… enjoy the work!

@briantyree :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You do realise that the people trying to help you here are not employees of eM Client but rather fellow users trying to be helpful?

As @sunriseal said the ability to do mass mailings with eM Client is only available to those with a PRO licence. From other posts on this forum I suspect this functionality used to be part of the FREE package but is now withdrawn in v8. Can’t be sure, though…

Go to and find ‘Pricing’ on the top horizontal menu (hint it’s the final item in the left aligned entries). Clicking on ‘Pricing’ shows a table with the differences between 3 versions FREE, PRO and FOR COMPANIES. If ‘fishing around for it’ is really too much effort for you(!) try this

As with most functionality of this product, info on mass mailing is not well documented. You might think to try here or here or even the help function within the program.

None of the above gives any information on Word-related compatibility, so I think you’re probably out of luck. Indeed, ‘mass mailing’ doesn’t even show up as a search term in the help system, which is pretty pathetic… :woozy_face:

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If you are using the FREE v8 MASS MAIL will definitely NOT work, you will need to use v8Pro

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