Email loads forever (won't open)

Hello all,

I get this weird behavior while trying to read emails from this one specific address: email body won’t be shown and the loading indicator keeps running forever. Message won’t load even after 10 minutes. Closing and restarting doesn’t solve it either. Message from the sender is marked as important (!).

When em client tries and fails to open it, it gets stuck and the main send/receive function stops working either. It’s as if that specific message would jam the whole thing.

I have already tried disabling antivirus. I’m using windows 10 and em client 8.2.1237 (b402cf3).


Can you view the email online via webmail ?

Hello @cyberzork yes I can—both on laptop and phone

Ok sounds like a possible incompatible email with eM Client.

Is the email normal text or pictures, or does the email have anything special in the email ?

Also is the sender’s mail using Mac Mail ?.

None of the above actually. Plain text and from a different email domain that Mac mail.

Ok for a test (to try reading this email), change eM Client via “Menu / Settings / Mail / Read” to (Read all messages in plain text). Enable the below checkbox and then “Apply / Ok” at the bottom.

Thanks @cyberzork I will try this next time I get the same issue. I had to delete that one message which caused the issue to be able to keep using the app.