Email in Inbox disappearing and then reappearing

For the last couple of weeks, much of the email that appears in my Inbox during synchronization and downloading immediately will disappear, and in order to see the email that has disappeared, I have to close eM Client and then restart it. Does anyone have any idea of what’s causing this problem? I’ve never had it before. I’m using Windows 10, and it is up to date. Thanks for your help.

Who is your email provider?


Hmm.  That shouldn’t be.  Can you verify that your settings are correct by going to menu/tools/accounts and verify:

Port:  993
Security:  Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Port:  587
Security:  Force usage of SSL/TLS

I too was suddenly unable to send email starting earlier today.  I did some reading of earlier posts (a year or two ago) on here, and read:

You can set the Security policy for the accounts you have added in Menu -> Tools -> Accounts - SMTP and IMAP tabs - Security policy - Use SSL/TLS if available.

As soon as I changed my security setting from “force usage of SSL/TLS” to “use SSL/TLS if available”, my problem went away, and the pent-up emails in my outbox all got sent.

Thank you both for your help. I made the settings change that you suggested, Jay, but I’m still having the same problem. My IMAP settings were the same as what you listed above, but my SMTP settings were 

Port: 465

Security: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

I’ll try changing to “use SSL/TLS if available” to see what happens.

I’m unable to receive email using “Use SSL/TLS if available” or “Force usage of SSL/TLS.” When I use the Fix button on the diagnostic tab, the fix changes the IMAP settings to Port 993 and “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).”

Unfortunately, I don’t have an AOL account to test, so I may not be much help.  This actually sounds like an AOL problem, have you tried contacting them?

I have a different but similar problem that started just in the past couple of weeks.  I highlight a series of emails to delete (say 6-8) and a couple of seconds after deleting them several other emails that I didn’t highlight are deleted.  Not only that but they are nowhere to be found – junk mail, trash, poof! I have conversations off. These are all separate emails not part of any email string I deleted. AOL is also my provider. All of the settings are as described above.

OK, well the common thread to all of these problems is AOL.  They may have changed something on their servers that is causing a problem, so I would check with them.  If nothing has changed on your end (no updates, etc.) and issue all of a sudden surface, it normally is the provider.

Have you tried deleting the account and reentering it?

Deleting eM Client?  If I delete it and reenter it will I lose all my folders and inbox?

I assume you are using AOL with IMAP.  IMAP merely synchronizes the local client with the server, so an exact duplicate of the mail database is on the server and the client.  If you delete the account on eM Client, and reenter it, eM Client will resync the data and you will not loose anything.  If you have copied emails to local folders (they ONLY exist on the local machine), then do a backup and restore after the resync. 

As a follow-up, you don’t need to uninstall eM Client, just delete the AOL account by going to menu/tools/accounts, highlight the account and click on the trash can.

I would have responded earlier but now your emails are going into junk. That’s a separate problem I have with some other emails despite marking them, repeatedly, as move to inbox and remove from blacklist email/domain.

I’m not sure it’s an AOL problem. I can look at my inbox on AOL while I delete accounts on eM Client. The emails disappear on eMail client and remain on AOL until AOL refreshes. 

As far as the emails moving to junk, I had the same issue with Gmail. Items would go to junk despite me whitelisting them eM Client.  It was actually Gmail that sent them to junk before they ever got to eM Client.  eM Client would sync and they would appear in junk.  I had to setup a rule on Gmail (web client) to whitelist them.

It sounds like your other issue is a communication problem with AOL.  I still think deleting the account and re-adding it is your best bet.

I’ll try it but before doing so since eM Client syncs with AOL won’t deleting the AOL account also delete my eM Client emails?

Delete the account from within eM Client (go to menu/tools/accounts and click on the trash can next to the account.  Then reeneter the account info.

Sorry it took so long for me to respond.

My supplier is Telus and I recently switched to Pure Fiber - don’t know if that has anything to do with it.    I try restoring prior backups just before the problem started and see the files that have been disappearing only to have them disappear within minutes and I cannot find them on the supplier’s server either just the backup.  and these are critical files involving medical and legal items.

Just so I’m clear, files under users/name/AppData/Roaming/eM Client will reduplicate what’s on AOL. Files under users/name/AppData/Local/eM Client I have to back up