Email Header - 'To' Name & Email Address

When I insert a Contact on an email header, it shows the Contact Name & also the Email Address. I would prefer it if only the Contact name was shown.
In Settings/Mail/Read there is an option to show/not show Email address in the header for emails received.
It would be good to have the same option when Composing emails.
Other email systems such as WLM offer this.

This is only displayed while you are composing the message.

Once the message has been sent, and is in the Sent folder, only the name is displayed as in the message header.

I don’t agree. Although the item in the folder list only shows the name, the header in the actual email has the name & email address.

I have now found the “Show email address in email header” setting.
Problem fixed.

Correction - problem not fixed. The “Show email address in email header” setting only modifies how an email is displayed/viewed within eM Client. It does not change what is on the actual email sent. Testing outside of eM Client shows that the email address is on sent emails.
So back to original statement.

How do you propose sending a message if the header does not contain the recipient’s address?

If I send an email to Neil McDonald, but I don’t add the email address, do you think it will ever get to you?

I am well aware that to send an email one needs to send it to an email address. The original point seems to have got lost.
I realise that it allows me to display the Name & to show or hide the Email Address when viewing emails within eM Client.
However, what I was asking for, and what other systems such as WLM offer, is that when sending an email, only the Name is displayed in the ‘To’ header, with the Email Address ‘hidden’. This is preferable when sending an email to groups of recipients.

When composing a message, the address will be displayed because you may have multiple email addresses for that contact, or multiple contacts with the same name. If no address is displayed, how would you know which one is the recipient?

I appreciate that. When I enter a name in ‘To’ I get all the contacts with that name. I then select the contact(s) I want & the Name & Email address are inserted in ‘To’. It’s at that point that my query refers - an option to show just the Name, with the email address ‘hidden’ in the ‘To’ heading.
I can’t see any option in this Forum response system to allow a screenshot to be sent. Can I email you at a screenshot of what this looks like in WLM, which has this option. I understand Outlook is similar.
I note that others have also raised this issue in this Forum.

Further to previous post…
Email Header in Windows Live Mail looks like this:

Recipient contact Names are shown, but email addresses, although included in the message, are hidden.

eM Client has the option to show/hide email addresses when viewing sent/received emails, what is needed is a similar option for composing emails.