Email Gravatar can't remove

I’ve had the same avatar/gravatar in my EM client email for at least 3 years. It was created on the “gravatar” site. I’ve removed that photo from Gravatar, and also uploaded new photos - but nothing ever changes on the EM client email. Is there any way to get the old picture out of my email? It no longer represents me well and I’d like it gone - help ?

Menu —> Accounts —> Select an account (if you have more than one)
Click on the avatar image on the right and either select from the predefined avatars or click on “Browse” to upload an image of your choice.
You can of course assign a different avatar to each one of your accounts.

I just realized that my suggestion above only affects what you see in your eMC and doesn’t change any avatar stored in external sources.
Did you change your Gravatar by logging in to your Gravatar account and changing it using the same email? If you did, maybe you should give it some time.

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The avatar is for display purposes only. It is not something the recipient will see unless they use an email client that also sources avatars from services like Gravatar and Google.

So, if you have changed your Gravatar, but eM Client is still displaying the old one, you can delete the avatar cache and that should display the new one after a short time.

The cache is located at C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\eM Client. You may have to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there. Just delete the avatar directory with eM Client closed.

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Yeah I figured that out too. I did get an email back from Em Client telling me I have to change it through the “Gravatar” site . So I did that. Then I found some info that described how to remove the avatar from the computer so that it updates now - instead of maybe 30 days from now (apparently Em Client only updates this periodically). Thanks for your help. I did finally get it fixed !

eM Client updates downloaded avatars every 30 days, so you will not see the change in eM Client immediately. But you can force eM Client to re-download new images by clearing the image cache.
Make sure to close eM Client and then delete all avatar folders in C:\Users%user%\AppData\Local\eM Client
Then delete the Avatar folder

Gravatar info:


Thank you much. Appreciate your help.

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Thanks for that information. :wink: