Email from Gmail comes with a big latency

Hello, I`m using a free version of client (6.0.24928.0) and I have very
big latency in email delivery. I have ipad and android smart phone near me with gmail app installed, and email comes there immediately, but notification in eM Client comes much more later (from 30 sec to 3-4 minutes)

Hello Vadim,
gmail’s native applications will always react faster because they are just showing the content from the server.
eM Client, as a desktop application, waits for the new information to be pushed from the server.
Or are there any synchronization errors in the Tools>Operations window when this happens?


Thank you Olivia, but is 3 minutes a normal delay?

Hi Vadim,
yes, 3 minutes sounds bit longer than normal, that is why I asked about any synchronization errors.
Are there any? Or do you perhaps have a slow internet connection? Do you have any other account set up that has the same problem?