Email from AOL not receiving

All of a sudden today… I can no longer receive email from my AOL account… says credentials are wrong… I went to AOL and changed my password. then changed my password for that account in eM but still says bad credentials… help please…

You will need to go to the AOL website and generate an app password. You can do that here: Create and manage third-party app passwords - AOL Help

Once that is done, in eM Client go to Menu > Accounts and change the password in the General tab for this account. You need to use the app password, not the account password.
Also, please check on the IMAP and SMTP tabs, that you have selected to use the identity credentials.
Then click on Save & Close.

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I suddenly am having the same problem. Have made no changes to my user name or password. Things worked fine until I rebooted laptop yesterday. I am getting the message in em client “Server says LOGIN invalid credentials”.

I am able to login into AOL: email just fine with the browser login.

Did you use the app password?

Will try that. Is this something brand new that AOL is requiring? As I said I had no problems until the last couple of days.

Do a search in this forum (click search icon next to your profile pic) for “aol app password”

Thanks. Set up app password as instructed by Gary and now eM Client is now working fine

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