Email folder not listed in correct order

On the left side under the account email folder should have the sequence (at least it’s in provider’s online mailbox):
Inbox (with sub folders)

Almost the same order is also in Outlook 365 app and also on Outlook mobile app, at least everywhere is Inbox the first folder.

But in eM Client the order of folders is unfortunatelly different:
Junk E-mail
and now come subfolders of Inbox…
It’s so unhandy order. I do not understan by what logic it’s done, where does it get that order? Is it possible to change the order?
Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 17.13.42

That is because your Inbox is INSIDE the More folder. The same with Trash, Junk and Archive. Right-click on Inbox and choose Show. It will go back to the top of the list.

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Thank you! That worked and I moved subfolders manually back inside Inbox. Although I do not understand how other email clients show Inbox and subfolders correctly. And how the “… more” was created and why all of sudden Inbox subfolders weren’t Inbox subfolders anymore. And all this has happened only on eM Client, nowhere else.

Update: Nope, it didn’t work correctly. It still keeps going back under the “…more”. And subfolders of Inbox still remain under “…more” and then I click show, one parent subfolder moves under Inbox, but other stay under …more.

Right-click on the Inbox folder and choose Show. That is all you need to do.

If you read what I wrote, you will see that I did it, but it does not take the subfolders alongside. And then I try to move subfolders under Inbox, it does not move them, only makes empty folder. And then I move it back, it makes new parentfolder. And now it has "##€% up my folder structure.

Please give a screen-shot showing what is marked for the Inbox.

If Show if unread is ticked, the Inbox will remain in the More folder unless it has unread messages. If Show is ticked, as in my screen-shot above, it will always be in the normal place you expect it to be.

That’s excactly what I did,
Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 18.28.55
but it left subfolders behind and now they are not subfolders anymore.
Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 18.31.36
Folder structure was before:
“/>Abara tn:”
“/>Aedvere tn”
To show the other way: Inbox/Aadressid/Abara tn

But after selecting “show”, only Inbox alone “moved”, all other subfolders were left behind, except one.
Then I tried manually to move parent subfolder “Aadressid” under Inbox. It moved. The only thing that it moved only empty folder without subfolders. And then I tried move it back manually it made me “gray” folder.
And now the folder structure is broken. If it was correct before in Outlook, my mobile Outlook and in email provider’s web, not it’s broken everywhere.

Then click on each folder and choose Show. If the folder is marked as Hide, or Show if unread, it will remain in the More folder.

Once all the folders are out of the More folder, you can move them where you want them and they will stay there.

They are not anymore in the …more folder, but at the same time they are not subfolders of Inbox folder. And I cannot move them under Inbox folder also. :confused:

Ok, after about 5th attempt of moving folders, now the folders started to move back under the Inbox folder and the folder structure can be repaired back manually. Hope it will let me finish my task without breaking up again.

Why I had to give this software another try, oh god, why! It cannot do a simple task as moving a folder with subfolders! It just moves a parent folder, and I have to move every subfolder’s subfolder manually! Really,the best email client out there!!!

Don’t have an answer to your “WHY” question but guess it is time for your next email app choice.

If you had just marked the folders as Show in the beginning, it would all have been as it was supposed to. Instead you moved hidden folders around placing them on the same level as the Inbox, and therefor your issue.

Yeah, maybe its just not the right fit for you.

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BTW @Serdna, this is not necessarily a reflection on you. The documentation is hopelessly out of date, so users can’t be blamed for blunders like this if there is not even any mention of the More folder and it’s purpose in the Help File.

Gary, I did not placed them in the same level with Inbox. They were there already after I pressed show on the “Inbox”. I started moving them around because they were in the wrong place.
I had used eMClient 7 last year for some time, I had no such issues. Abandoned it just because of Outlook’s better integration with MS To-Do and OneNote. I had used Outlook, Apple Mail, Mailbird(under Windows 10) and didn’t had such issues. Now I thought that I will try em Client 8 (I had tried it in August and it was so terrible and full of bugs so I abandoned it very quickly, got even refunded). Now in December thought that for now the team had time to squeeze the bugs and if really big companies are using it, why small fish like me cannot use it. I think I don’t have so difficult email use.
Well, I see I was wrong, very wrong :smiley:

Yes, More folders was not part of version 7, and when it came along in version 8, nobody said what it was for. Therefore there may have been some confusion.