Email Folder Left for Another Folder, When Expanding That Other Folder

When viewing, for instance, my Global Inbox in email, if I click on the “Expand” pointer/triangle/arrow for a folder in my Local Folders, some Local Folder is opened. Keep in mind that I haven’t clicked on any local folder name – all I did was click on the Expand icon for some folder.

It is my position that when you merely wish to look at folder names by clicking an expand icon – to show the names of the sub-folders in that folder – then you should remain looking at mail where ever you area looking at it, e.g., the Global Inbox. I consider the current implementation a bug. Comments?

What version of eM Client are you using?


Install the latest version of eM Client 4 from here:… or install eM Client 5 -… and let me know if it helps.

I installed the V4 version you noted, but it did not fix the problem. However, I then installed the V5 version, and it corrected the problem.

(Just a side note: before I installed the newer V4, I did a “Check for Updates” while running 40.15145.0. That check said that I was up to date, so I think maybe that “Check for Updates” needs work, too.)

The version I sent you is not released officially. That is why it was not offered automatically.

By the way – on a related note – in V 5.0.16879.0, if you drag-n-drop an email item to a folder, and that folder has sub-folder(s), the destination folder is expanded after you drop the item in it (even if you do so very quickly). I realize that this isn’t a released version yet, but you might want to look into this.