Email expired

Hello. I downloaded the Free eM and it was awesome. Had it on 5 multiple users. Then apparently the demo ended. Didnt know it was a trial. Then I read that you can only have 2 emails. So I deleted the 3 other accounts. However, it still says expired for the other 2. I even tried it for 1. Kept saying demo expired. So I deleted eM & redownloaded it. Still recognized it expired. Can you please tell me how I can download the FREE eM & use 1 main email with additional email. Love eM. Stuck with Thunderbird. Dont really care for it! Please help.

Hi, I believe I’ve answered this question through email, but you need to register a free license on our website and activate the product in Help > License > Activate.
But note that eM Client is a paid application and the free license is for home/personal use and using it for commercial use would be against the Terms of Use.

Thank you,