Email disappears after moving from Junk folder to inbox

When I move an email from the junk folder to inbox, it disappears. I use Charter/Spectrum. If I log into Charter, it’s still there, but not in Em Client. Yes, I have done searches and still can’t find it in Em Client. It’s kind of annoying, because I have to go into Charter and forward the email. 

Just figured out I can’t drag from junk to inbox. Have to right click, then choose “Move to folder”

That did not work for me, any other ideas??

If you’re using eM Client 8 beta, then I have similar problem. Emails disappears from Smart Folders and appears when you’re using “Refresh”. But you cannot click them, because they instantly disappears. You can try to click it in account junk folder instead of Smart Folder or, if you want to delete it from Junk, use CTRl+A to mark it instead of using mouse.