Email Directory Listing / Contacts

I am a new user to emclient and expected that when I enter recipient names into email I would see the directory and could select. I dont see anything so not sure what to do next.


When you enter a full or partial name in the TO box you should see a drop down list of all contacts that contain the name. If you do not then check the eMC contacts to ensure the name exists.

I am assuming that you are running the current version of eMC and are a windows user.

Sorry I should have said. It’s the latest version on a Mac.

Perhaps the rest of my response may be true for Mac…

Yes sounds like the contacts haven’t possibly synchronised when the account was added, as normally even on Mac eM Client when you type a few letters of a contact name name in the To line you should see a list of email addresses / contact names appear to choose from as @sunriseal advised which did work on the Mac ver of eM Client I tested.

@andyhutch did you add the account via the “automatic email wizard” or manually setup the email account ?. Also what Mac OS version do you have ?

I used the auto wizard and I’m running Big Sur 11.6.1

@andyhutch Did all your Mailbox contacts automatically appear ok in eM Client contacts after you added your account via the wizard ?

Also did you add an IMAP, iCloud, Exchange or POP account ?

I added an IMAP. My email and calendar sync just no searchable directory.


My email and calendar sync just no searchable directory

I suspect then the issue is when you added your IMAP account via the automatic wizard your “contacts” didn’t sync from your mailbox server.

So you have two options. Either remove and re-add your IMAP account and then see if you have contacts, or alt go to your mailbox online and export your contacts and manually import them.

Once you have contacts showing in eM Client, then they will appear when you type in the To: line etc