Email deletion issue

I’m deleting an email in eM Client, but it’s still showing in my inbox in Gmail and then it pops back into my inbox in eM Client. How do I get it to actually delete?


do you see it on your Gmail’s web interface? If not then right click on Inbox folder - properties - repair - repair.


got the same problem, repair doesnt work… what else can be done to fix this problem?

is there any error message when you try to delete the message?


no error messages, just doesnt work… klick on delete and nothing happens…


I have exact the same issue using my iCloud account. Some deleted mails (in iPhone) are shown in emclient. the content is empty, it seems to me i have no access. neither moving nor deleting them works. However some newer emails can be deleted and moved. repair does not work either. the emails shown are older than one 1 year, so definitely deleted on iCloud server. any hints? thank you

Same issue here with v.

On Gmail I use eM Client’s Shift+Delete command in the hope that it will remove messages permanently. But afterward some of them keep appearing in “All Mail” — and more than once (I delete them again and they reappear).

For now I’m going to stop using eM Client for Gmail message deletion and switch to the Android app I use for email (AquaMail). When I say “delete permanently,” AquaMail really does delete the messages. This would be a huge pain in the neck if it took any time at all to do, but AquaMail’s UI for this stuff is excellent and it will happen quickly.

I am using both eMclient7 and Outlook2016 on my gmail IMAP, in the same PC. 
When I delete an email in eMclient7, it also deletes the same email in web gmail and Outlook2016, as expected.
But when I delete an email in Outlook2016, the same email continues to appear in eMclient7 “All Mail” folder. This takes up unnecessary space in my C drive. 
Is there any settings to be set for this?

Hello Albert,
is the deleted message also in your All Mail folder on the server after you delete it in Outlook?
If so, it seems the issue would be with the Outlook synchronizing back to server as eM Client will take this change from the gmail server (web).