email count error

Using vers 7.2.35595.0 on laptop & desktop with win 10
1 email a/c (gmail)
I get 3 different email counts!
I assume the gmail one is correct & emclient is out by about 3% and not consistent between laptop & desktop.
Checked settings & both same.

Any idea on fixing this?


It may be because a conversation, no matter how many emails it contains, is counted as 1 item.

You can disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations, and see if that shows the correct count.

I had tried that - the 2 system are both set at ‘disable conversations’ & tried different conversation settings & count still differs.

In eM Client, right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. This will force a resync with the GMail server. See if that changes anything.

How many messages are in the All Mail folder after the repair? Do the two computers match with that folder?

Thank you Gary, the Repair did the trick & its all in sync now.