Email connection drops for my GMAIL account

[XMPP] An attempt to connect to (my e-mail address with GMAIL) failed.  This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings.

I’m having the exact same problem.  But also receiving these:

I had changed my GMAIL password 9 days ago.  Things were running smoothly until I updated eM Client to v 7.1.3xx this afternoon.  Then I started receiving these errors, as if eM Client couldn’t authenticate to GMAIL now.

In order to resolve this, I had to create a new account in eM Client, connect to my GMAIL account (via IMAP), re-authenticate, and have it re-sync everything (took a while).  I then deleted the previous account profile that wouldn’t connect any longer.

I searched for a way to have eM Client allow you to re-authenticate with GMAIL, but didn’t see that option.  Maybe an option to add in the near future.

I am also having the same problem will give your suggestion ago Chris. Not being that IT literate are you able to post more details on how you fixed the problem?

I am having the same issues…  This worked fine until about 1 week ago

Issue still not fixed. Trying to get VIP support with little success. Just installed Mailbird which works fine.

Yes I did the same as you outlined and it seems to have solved the problem of the error message appearing for my gmail account.