Email Composing: Autofill Frequently Used Contacts

Currently I have 2 accounts with the same name synched from my Outlook 365. Only one of those accounts has the correct email address, however every time I start typing their name eMclient will always autofill the wrong contact’s email. I cannot edit the Outlook 365 contacts to fix this, so I have no solution currently for making eMclient autofill the correct address.

Can there be a way that the last contact emailed becomes higher in the autofill priority list so it will actually autofill the right contact? This is an extreme annoyance that has caused me to send emails to the wrong account many times and having a simple priority for the contact based on who is emailed last / most frequently would alleviate this problem completely.

Maybe the simplest solution, rather than rewriting the application, is to just change the contact details. If the address book is read-only because it is shared from someone else, ask them to change it.