Email color tagging

Color tagging in the email navigation pane should be made more obvious by either coloring the backround of the email title, or the title itself in the desired colored. Right now, that small square color box that the user can display as a separate column can be overlooked too easily.

Hello George, please navigate to Tools > Settings > Appearance > Lists , and check the option “Use color category as text color”, this will allow you to see the categorised items coloured in the category color. I personally use this option and am quite satisfied with the look of categorized items, however let me know if you’d think of any adjustments regarding this feature.


Thanks a lot Paul, missed that completely.

Maybe you can help further?

  1. Can the Flagged e-mails get a color as well?

Pressed enter by mistake

  1. Is there a way to display only one category or only the flagged mails, other than changing the order from the header?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes - as a new user I do miss not being able to set a conditional format on a flagged item

Hello, flagged emails can be categorised as well, but it’s not possible to specify a flag color in particular. You can assign the message with more categories but if you’re using the option to set text color to category available in the appearance settings, first color will be used as main most.

You can use smart folders to display categorised emails in a specific folder. Right click smart folders in the left pane and select categories to display.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Paul,
This is great.  Now my flagged emails on the sidebars will be easier to manage!