email client has deleted some of my emails how can i get them back ? they have gone from my server, virginmedia

Restoring deleted email

Usually when you delete an email it will be in Trash. Did you check there?

Hi Gary, thanks for the fast reply, very much appreciated, Email client deleted the emails itself, they have also gone from my server Virgin media, I didn’t actually deleted them myself. I did check the trash however and they have gone completely. 

It actually delted some sub folders with whole email conversations in too Gary

eM Client will not just delete messages unless you instructed it to do so.

I assume you are using IMAP, which is just a synced copy of what is on the server. Can you check with Virgin Media if they are having any problems?

Do you have a recent backup?

Thanks Gary, first thing I did was to check with Virgin Media, no issues there and they cant restore the deleted emails from their side. I have set emclient to do a back up once a week, so i have back from the 10th april, I have never had to use the back and don’t know how to to be honest. 

PS, yes its IMap

The difficulty with restoring IMAP accounts is that the server will just delete what you restored as soon as it syncs.

So you need to disconnect from the Internet before starting the restore. The restore can be found in Menu > File > Restore. If you have more than one, you will be prompted on which to use. After the restore is complete, you can move or copy the missing emails to Local Folders. If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Then reconnect to the Internet and allow eM Client to sync with Virgin Media. When the sync is complete, move the messages from Local Folders back to the IMAP ones.

Thank you Gary, I’ll give that a try, I’m not the most technical chap !! you have been incredibly swift and helpful !! going forward is there anyway that I can set email client to automatically download my messages from the server permanently as they arrive so there is always a back up if that makes sense ??

ps…if I do a restore will I lose the emails that have arrived over the last few days… ??

It shouldn’t, but you can export them just to be sure.

Go to Menu > File > Export > Export to .eml. After the restore and sync, anything that is missing you can import back into eM Client.

Thanks I really appreciate the time you have spent helping me, I’ll work up to doing this and let you know how I get on. Thanks again. Best Regards, Paul.

PS… one last question…how often do you think I should set the auto back up on email client to back up please ?

Difficult to say. I think the default is 2 weeks and that is probably fine for most users. If you have enough space, maybe weekly and preserving the last two backups.

One thing you might want to change is the downloading of email contents for offline use. When using IMAP, eM Client downloads only the message header, and the body is downloaded only when you open the email. If there are emails that you haven’t opened, and they are deleted from the server, then a restore will only give you blank emails. You can change that in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then go to the IMAP tab for your account.

Thanks Gary, i have got the download button checked, is there any way of downloading the messages permanently so a hard copy would always remain on my pc ? some way of doing it automatically so i didn’t have to do each one manually ?

Yes, you can regularly export your messages. They will be saved outside of eM Client and can be opened by other mail clients also. But there is no way to do that automatically.

You can create a Rule to copy all incoming and outgoing email to Local Folders. That way they will exist both in the IMAP (server) folders and on your computer. The problem with that is then you end up with two of everything in eM Client, and that will be a bit confusing in conversation mode.

You can use Automatic Archiving to move messages older than a certain date to local folders. They will then only exist on your computer.

But backup is probably the best option. You just set it and forget it.

Ahh great !! thank you Gary, very much appreciated, I will let you know how I get on with all your good avice. Thanks. Paul.