Email being moved or auto deleted

I am having issues with my emails being auto deleted or moved to other folders automatically.   I have 2 google mail accounts.    Example:   today I opened my junk folder which had several emails, one of which was one I needed.   I read it and went back to my in box to check another email.   The junk folder then deleted all the emails automatically and I couldn’t find the one I was looking at.   I liked things much better when I could manage my folders myself.   Is there a setting that disables this auto management?

Hi Roger,
This might be a server setting that you might have enabled, please login to your gmail account and check if you don’t have Junk erasing enabled after a number of days.
This might be causing the issue.

What version of eM client are you currently using? eM client does not have a junk filtering system except blacklist to which you can manually add email addresses or domains while using the “Move to Junk” button.
You can review your blacklist in Tools > Rules > Blacklist.

Hope this helps,