Email backup issue or incremental backup’s not happening

Email backup issue or incremental backup’s not happening

I am using eM client version 9.2.2144 on Mac OS Monterey version 12.6.9

I have set email backup path as "/Users/XYZ/Downloads/eM Client Backup”

I do take make email backup on daily basis (File → Export → Export Emails to .eml files → then select iCloud & Local folders)

Then following message pops up (even if destination directory is empty this message appears → seems some kind of bug)


Then I select YES option and with this backup happens.

If I take backup again later then it gets added to the existing backup! Ideally expected is to be overwritten.

I mean I have already taken backup and folder size would be like

iCloud → 500 MB

Local folders → 1 GB

With next backup on same location folder size would be like

iCloud → 1 GB

Local folders → 2 GB

Backup is not overwriting exiting folder structure or not taking incremental backup. Could you please look into this? Thanks

That is not a backup. You are just exporting messages.

To start a backup use the menu option File > Backup. This creates a backup that is a full snapshot of the database. Or you can have it run automatically by enabling periodic backups in Preferences > General > Backups.

sorry for the wrong term usage…

even with export expected is over write and not to keep adding on to the existing folders

or email export should be on incremental basis if a export is already done or exists