Email authorization failure

Earlier this morning (about 9:40 MST) I stopped receiving email on my two AOL accounts (mine and my wife’s). All message and folders up to that time were still there. I tried restarting eM Client without success. I know AOL uses third party app authentication so I went to the AOL accounts and generated new 16 character codes but could not find a place to change them so I deleted the accounts and readded them. No success. So I deleted both and tried to set up my gMail account. Also no success, though it went further and a screen from google appeared asking whether I wanted to allow eM Client access. I said yes, but it didn’t work. I even tried restarting my computer but no luck. HOWEVER, my calendar and contacts which are on iCloud (also using third party apps authentication) are synching properly, Help

Solved the problem but not overly happy. It seems that my Antivirus program (Avast) is blocking the connection. If I disable it, actually easily done, and manually refresh the emails, everything is OK. Annoying but doable until eM Client and Avast solve the issue. Hopefully this will help in that direction. Interestingly, Avast has no trouble with the iCloud synch.


Does this workaround work for you? It has been posted a number of times in the forum…

Protection > Core Shield > Settings (gear on the right) > look for Mail Shield > disable Scan inbound emails

Thanks. That solved the problem. I enjoy forums because everyone tends to be helpful:)