Email attachments

I am having problems with one recipient being able to receive attachments to the email I am trying to send. I have tried many times to send in jpeg format and most recently, in pdf format. They are NOT receiving the emails or the attachments.

I recently had to re-send a form to my employer’s HR department, I scanned the form, saved it as a pdf, and attached it to my email. I sent it and received confirmation of it being received. I also tried to send the same attachments to myself and I was successful.

Why am I having this problem??

Please advise.

Unless you have received a message to say the email could not be delivered, then it has been received by their server.

They should check their spam folder.


Gary, sometimes, the email with the attachment would go to my outbox and remain there. When I sent the email today again as a pdf file, it showed up in my sent folder. However, I was told that it doesn’t mean that it was received. When I called the recipient, he had NOT gotten the email.

Have any more explanation Gary?

Could my settings be the problem?