Email attachment icon is hard to see

The little paper clip icon on the email column header and email list items is so faint that it’s not easily noticed when an email has an attachment. I wanted to change this by modifying the theme, but discovered that it can’t be changed.

This could be resolved if you would give theme developers a setting for the base 64 image data for this and other icon images.

Going through the themes i can see that on some you cannot see this icon at all, so clearly something needs to be done about it.

same problem - not easy visible

In the dark theme the paper clip is visible very well.

This is true: fast and simple solution.

A more flexible solution would be preferred.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I’ve downloaded the theme and opened the XML file in Notepad, but I can’t see which line will change the colour of this icon. Does anyone have any information at all please?

I second this.  Color of paper clip, reply arrow, exclamation mark, and flag icon should be independently editable in the theme (allowing for different colors for each).

I also find the first three much too faint on my laptop’s display panel, and I’d like the exclamation marks for important emails to be in red, like the flags.

If the reason the colors aren’t editable is because the little icons are actually images, then they should be converted to be font characters instead.

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Yes!!! please add some options to change this.