Email archiving to wrong folders

I have recently noticed that eM Client is not archiving emails to the correct folders. I received an email to which I replied. After that, the two messages were displayed together as a conversation in the inbox. I then clicked on Archive the conversation. The entire conversation was moved to the archive folder. However, my expectation is that only the mails in the Inbox will be moved there. The sent message, of course, should be filed under sent messages. The auto-archiving already makes sure in the end by itself that these messages are archived as well. However, they are then neatly filed in the archive folder - Sent subfolder. How can I achieve this behavior?
Greetings Andreas

Well, you are archiving the conversation, so all messages in the conversation will be archived. Both sent and received.

If you only want to archive the received message, right-click in the message body and choose Move to Archive. Then only that message will be in the Archive folder.

Hi Gary,
I’ve always thought until now that viewing as conservation is only virtual - therefore all emails continue to reside where they were first saved (Inbox, Sent, etc). Under these conditions, is it not possible to teach the archive function to also move messages to the appropriate archive subfolders when archiving them?

There are no subfolders when using server-side archiving.

If you want to maintain a folder tree, you will need to use automatic archiving.

Hi Gary,

thank you very much for the feedback. That explains the behavior, of course. I guess I will leave the archive button unused then.