Email adresses in BCC are still visible?


I’m trying to send an email adress to several people at once but I don’t want them to be able to see each others email address. I thought I could just enter them in the BCC field, but this doesn’t work. I’ve found the option to create a distribution list, but there I can only enter one address at a time? Am I doing something wrong?



bcc works fine for me. to will show as “undisclosed recipients”. but in the sent folder you can still see who the mail went to.

Ok thanks for your reply. For me it doesn’t work. I’m using an address to send out the emails. I’ve tried with 25 and I’ve tried with 5 recipients. I have triend copy pasting them in the BCC field and I’ve tried typing them one by one. Both times the recipients can see all of the email adresses that the mail was sent to…

What version of eM Client are you using? In v.7 Beta you can do the following:

  1. Place addresses of recipients on the “To:” line.
  2. When ready to send, do not click send.
  3. Instead click Menu > Message > Send as Mass Mail.

This will send email to each recipient as if he/she is the only one.

You can also do this in v.6, but the keystrokes may be slightly different; I don’t remember for certain.

This being said, bcc should work similarly but I need more information to figure out why it doesn’t work for you.

Hi Norman,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried the send as mass mail option and it seems to work. I still don’t get why BCC is not working for me though. I’ve tried using this same email adress to log into (so using webmail) and when I enter emails into BCC there it also works. So it must be something with the client. 

Before eM Client I used thunderbird (didn’t like it) and it actually had the same problem with BCC. Never could solve it there either.

I’m using the latest stable version of eM Client. I’m on windows 7. Is there any other info you would need? I would rather use BCC field because I’m the type of person who might forget to press the send mass mail option and just use regular send instead…



How do you know that recipients can see all the members of your bcc list? The copy of the email in your “Sent” folder will have all the names even though the copy that goes to the individual members will not show them. Also, if you include yourself in the bcc list, that copy that you receive from your self will, for some reason, show all the names even though, again, the copy going to other bcc list members will not. So, has a member of the bcc list (other than yourself) told you he/she can see all the names?

Regarding your mention of the distribution list option in your original inquiry, is there a question? I’m not sure what you think this has to do with your central problem.

Hi Norman,

I know because I’ve included myself (a different email address) in the BCC field plus I’ve also included a friend in BCC field while testing. Plus I got a reponse back from a cliënt that informed me he could see all other email adresses (this is how I found out BCC was not working).

Regarding the distribution list: I was looking for BCC related issues on this support board and found several mentions of this option. I thought maybe somebody would tell me that was the way to send it, but because of the way entering emails works that’s not a viable option for me.



could this have something to do with you mentioned having this problem with thunderbird as well. i have also used tb in the past and had no problem with bcc like you.

Hmm, it’s a thought. I will google a bit with this in mind and see if I find anything usefull. As said BCC in the browser window seems to be working. It’s just these 2 e-mail clients that are giving me problems (I haven’t tried any other clients).

I’ll post here if I find anything on this.

I’m afraid that I don’t have any other suggestions regarding your principal problem, but I agree with Mads (below) that this is probably not an eM Client problem.

If the “Mass Mailing” option works, I would suggest that you use that; it’s no more cumbersome than using bcc and, one of the things that I really like is that the email received by each individual appears unique. That is, it to “so and so” (not to “undisclosed recipients”) and from you, just as though you are sending an individual email.

If you have any more questions about the use of distribution lists, let me know.


Sorry for the late response. The bcc behaviour is in 90% of cases managed by the server, unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue with any of our testing accounts, despite my hardest efforts. Do let me know what you find out so we can try to solve this issue.


Hi Dave,

No worries, I already got some great replies from the community. The problem is however still there. I have started to use the Mass Email function to work around it. 

I’ve tried to google the problem a bit, but I can’t find a solution for my problem. If you have an email address for me, I could put it in the BCC field and then you can see how people receive the emails (or is that not helpful?).



Alright, try, we’ll see how that goes. Thanks!


You and others should view the Microsoft Answers thread at… and especially note the testing shown and completed in the post for June 23rd. The problem isn’t with eM Client - it is with Microsoft.

Microsoft changed API processing for all Microsoft email accounts with “live”, “hotmail”, “outlook”, and “msn”. As a result of that change, people who use a desktop email program such as eM Client, Thunderbird, and Postbox to send emails with Bcc adresses through the outgoing SMTP server experience major problems because the Bcc addresses do not process correctly.

I hope this helps when other people notify you of their Bcc problems.

I finally found a solution that resolves the two problems below when sending Bcc addresses using the outgoing Microsoft SMTP server:

  1. When I do not have an email address in the “To” field, do not have an email address in the “Cc” field, do put a single email address or a group list into the Bcc field, and send the email from eM Client through my outgoing SMTP server at “”, the email goes through “” and “” moves all the email addresses from the “Bcc” field to the “To” field.

  2. When I put an email address in the “To” field, another email address in the “Cc” field and two more email addresses in the “Bcc” field, and send the email from eM Client through my outgoing SMTP server at “”, the result is that the email addresses used in the “To” and “Cc” fields receive emails from me and the email addresses used in the “Bcc” field never receive my emails when I send from my SMTP server at “”.

Here is the solution after a person’s Microsoft account shows “Outlook Mail” in the upper left corner of the Microsoft Outlook web page instead of “”:

  1. Make sure you are using the new eM Client 7.

  2. Click on Menus/Tools/Accounts.

  3. Add a new account by clicking on the + icon in the bottom left corner.

  4. Click on the “ Mail ” pull-down - do NOT use “Automatic Setup” that establishes a normal IMAP account that works okay with “To” and “Cc” addresses.

  5. Click on “ Exchange ” and then “Next”.

  6. Enter your email address in BOTH the “Email address” and “User name” fields.

  7. Enter your “Password”.

  8. Click on “Next”, follow any other instructions, and wait a little bit until everything is set up.

After implementing the solution, I could send emails to Bcc addresses using situations 1 and 2 above, and those addresses received the emails properly.


Microsoft personnel finally stated they agree the problem is in the software of the Microsoft servers, and are in the process of rolling out fixes to all their servers.

Take a look at the thread… and read the posts starting with the one from Sean Stevenson on October 03, 2016 and all those thereafter for progress updates.

I hope this helps as an update and progress report.