Email adress in text appears as text


if I write an email adress in the text of a new email, it appears as text. I would like to see it as email adress like (blue, underlined). Where can I regulate this?

Thanks for answer :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to see the email address linked in default blue, “Right click” on the email address in the body of the email and click “Insert / Link” and type / or paste the same email address & click “Insert Link”.

Or “Highlight the email” address in the body of the email and click the “Insert Link” icon on the Toolbar.

Hi @cyberzork,

right, it looks like an email adress. But if I click on it, I come to the domain website par example yahoo. But It should be open a new window to write.

@gabinski When you type in the “Link” type (mailto:) in-front of the Link email address eg: as in the example screenshot below, which then when clicked will open a new email window to email address


Ah, thats it! :+1:
It would be nice if it works automatically. Until then I do it this way :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a simpler way.

Compose your new message and type in the email address.

Cut and paste it back in.


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Yes, I think this is the faster way.

Thank you both! :ok_hand:

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