Email addresses won't go away

Even though I have removed an email address form my contacts (and my online Google contacts), it still shows up as a choice when I compose a new email and start to type in the “To” field. Where are these email addressees hidden and how do I remove them?

Using latest paid version of emclient on Win 8.1.

Hi, with paid version you should use pro support as you will get more faster and comfortable response.
Link to it is here

Anyway you can do this when you write email address in “To:” row in new message window you can click on red “X” on eright side of that line, that will delete that address from email whisperer.


Thanks John,

I did that and got this answer (from your colleague Juraj Micek) which solved my problem. Your method didn’t permanently remove it from the listing.

“those addresses are stored in eM Client recipient’s history which can be cleared in the menu Tools - Settings - Mail - Compose.”

Thank you for this information, I know about this feature, but I thought that my way was enough for your needs.

So thank you for informing me about solution.


I’ve been wondering how to solve this problem also and found that going to settings>mail>compose and then clearing recipients history individually or globally was exactly what I needed. Glad the setting is there.

Thank you for your explanation and information.