Email accounts and matching folders

I’m a newbie and really excited at the prospect offered by eMC.

I’ve created some email accounts and imported stuff from Outlook. I don’t quite understand the folders and their relationship to email accounts. I have five email accounts but only three of them have their own folder. I also have a ‘Local Folder’ folder which contains all my imported Outlook messages.

I think I’m missing an important concept but can’t put my finger on it. Why do some email accounts have their own folder and others don’t?

Okay, I think I have partially resolved this. I am using the free version and it is limited to two email accounts? Right? I’ve been able to create five email accounts but there are only two folders.

I’ve compounded my problems by entering my free license before the 30-day trial period had expired. I didn’t realize that the trial period gave me access to the full version. I had about 28 days remaining, is there anyway I can get it back?

The trials and tribulations of a newbie user. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve now started again and re-installed eMC. I’ve also re-imported my Outlook files. I think my understanding of folders and accounts has progressed. Is it the case that IMAP accounts get their own folder and all POP accounts got to ‘Local Folder’? That’s what appears to be happening, I just need confirmation now.

Also, what is the eMC definition of folder? I notice that these folders can’t be renamed. Any reason for that?



Trial gives you access to full version so you can use more than 2 accounts, after end you can purchase pro license or register free license that will give you access to 2 accounts only.

Yes, basically it works like you have found out by yourself, IMAP accounts has their own folders and Local Folders are mainly for handling POP3 accounts.

Local Folders are folders stored locally only, they are not synchronized to server. POP3 accounts download messages into eM Client no matter what so these are here for this.
Basically POP3 accounts has folders under them just for orientation purpose, POP3 messages are stored locally in Local folders :).



That’s a good explanation of folders for POP3 and IMAP accounts. (Just one thing, there’s a typo, last sentence ‘Basically POP3…’ should be ‘Basically IMAP…’)

I in-advertantly applied a free licence when I had about 28 days remaining, is there anyway I can get it back my 28 days, now about 25?


No, every user has one trial period there is no possible exception.

and thank you for your pointing out my typo :slight_smile:

best regards to you

Quite understand. It was my own fault I cancelled my trial period early.



thank you for your understanding.

best regards