Email Account will not connect with EMClient

I have three HughesNet email accounts. Two work fine with EM, a third won’t connect. The same email address also stopped connecting in Outlook. HughesNet denies ii is their problem?!?!

What is the actual error you get ?

lunes 06 diciembre 2021 :: 0825hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @EdwaShoo

It is significant that the particular address will not connect with either eMC or Outlook.
Clearly the issue is something to do with HughesNet notwithstanding their claim that it is not.
Can you connect to the particular address using webmail?
Although you have other addresses that work with HughesNet it does not follow that the problem
address is on the same server.
You need to check and if necessary correct the port settings etc for the problem account.
Have you put the same query to Outlook?

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