eMail account hacked?

Facebook and Amazon password reset requests are being requested and sent to my email. Whoever is doing this can also pick up my emails as the passwords are being changed.Things came to a head today when my Amazon account was closed and then someone used my email to open an account with Amazon Mexico , then I got an email saying the address used on the Mexican account had been changed by my request to a *****@svk.ap ? all very strange. Now have they hacked my account through eMcliant servers or my email provider. How can they read my emails too?

First thing to do is to go to your email provider’s web interface and change your password.

eM Client do not provide email servers, and they do not receive any information about your credentials for accounts setup in the application, so your credentials could not have been hacked from their servers.

This would most likely have happened on your email provider’s server. Best you contact them about it.

Another option is that somebody actually hacked and took remote control of your computer. Unlikely, but make sure you are using a good anti-virus and anti-malware application, and keep it updated and do a full scan regularly. Also, your OS should be updated regularly when updates are available, as they often contain security fixes.

Thanks Garry ,Have contacted my email provider and both they and Amazon say they’ll get their Technical people to contact me. 

Sounds like a plan is coming together.

Only trouble is my email is with TalkTalk and I no longer have  broadband with them and you need a live account to change their email passwords. Hope they can come up with a work around.