Email account doesn't in left sidecar after adding email account

After setting up a email account it won’t show in the left sidecar with my other email accounts. I am on the pro version

That most likely means that the account was not setup correctly. If it is an IMAP account for example, it needs to sync with the server at least once before anything will show in the left side-bar.

Go to Menu > Tools > Operations, and see if there are any errors mentioned in the Log tab.

The operations shows no errors. It didn’t show the new account. I deleted the account and re added the account. Still the same problem. I closed the program and restarted. It shows that need to purchase the pro version. I have the pro version. I deactivated and then reactivated to no avail. I have 4 accounts already showing.

That makes sense if the license server thinks you are using a Free License, it won’t sync more than two accounts, and that is why the new one is not showing in the side-bar. It unfortunately also means that even though you can see all of the other accounts, likely only two of them are active.

There was another user today who had an issue with a Pro License, but in the end it worked again.

I don’t think they work over the weekend, but you can open a support ticket and see what happens.

Looks like I have problem fixed. I deactivated in the account manager and then reactivated and reentered the activation key. It took. Thanks.

Good to know.