Email account deleted by mistake

Hello, I have deleted my Email Account by mistake, it were running POP/SMTP

After delete the account, all the emails disappeared. How can I restore the emails?

Thank you

Hopefully you have enabled the automatic backup in eM Client or been doing manual backups in eM Client or your own complete computer image backups regularly.

So click “Menu / File / Restore” and see if you have any recent files appear to restore. If not go to “Menu / Settings / General / Backup” and see if you setup the backup location to another location or haven’t set eM Client to backup vat all.

If no files to restore in eM Client, then suggest to “do that for future”. The only other thing I can suggest the, is two things.

If you make regular computer images, restore a recent image to retrieve eM Client and your POP mail database complete,

Or if no recent computer image, contact your ISP or mailbox provider to see if they keep any copies of your mailbox and can possibly restore that for your.

Most mailbox providors don’t keep old mail or restore mail but worth asking if no other options.

Ps I would also suggest for future (apart from regularly doing eM Client backup), to also look at setting up an IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account instead of POP, so even you accidentally delete your account in eM Client, it all comes back when you re-add your account. A far better option.

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By “deleted my Email account”, do you mean you removed the account in eMC?

Can we assume that you never ran a daily eMC backup?

yes, I have Removed the Email account in EMC

I never ran a Backup…

It happened so fast… there must be some way to recover the emails and folders :sob:

I agree with @cyberzork’s suggestion to ask your email provider if they have backups.

I use a POP account, have for MANY YEARS and am quite happy with it and run eMC backup daily and automatically… something you need to remember to set up within eMC.


@cyberzork @sunriseal Thank you both, Im trying retore Windows files and registry. Hope can recover eMC emails and folders

From where I stand, without any backups from which to restore from, both yours or your email provider, I’m afraid you will have to start over.

Of course, there are others in this forum that may have other ideas, and I am sure they will jump into this conversation if they do.


Hope you can manage to recover your C drive files to then restore your eM Client mail database.

If you can recover your C drive files ok, “enable hidden folders” and “before installing eM Client again”, go to the eM Client hidden roaming folder from your recovered C drive - C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client and “copy this whole folder contents to another temporary location” such as eg: C:\temp…

Then reinstall eM Client on your C drive and “skip the email setup wizard” when you reinstall and open eM Client. If you don’t have the same eM Client setup / install file see the version history page link end of my post below for details.

Next close eM Client and then “delete everything in that new eM Client roaming hidden folder” and “replace it with your one you copied out” from your recovered C drive files eg: C\Temp folder, before you re-installed eM Client above.

Then when you open eM Client it will load your same POP email database and setting you had before “up to when your last backed up your C drive files” which hopefully you did recently.

Lastly when you reinstall eM Client, d/l “the same or later version” of “what you had before” so the mail database matches the program when you do eventually reopen eM Client again.

So if you had V7, V8 or V9 installed before, get the latest version of whichever version you had installed from the version history page. Latest versions are all good to have as well for fixes.