Email account colour coding

It would be great to have some email account colour coding so that when in the global folders it’s easy to see which account each one applies to. Just a small colour bar at the start or end of the email list entry would be enough and would be unobtrusive. The same colour coding can be used in the individual inboxes/folders too as a fast way to understand which account email you are looking at rather than searching to see which folder is highlighted on the left.

OK, I added it to our feature requests list.

yes definitely. this is such a wonderful feature in thunderbird. The message editor windows needs to have the color of the account so that users can easily distinguish the accounts they are wriiting from


this is somewhat under consideration but most likely it will not be implemented in close future.

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Such a shame. I have to deal with a dozen accounts and this would greatly help with the management of them.


as I have told you we are not throwing this idea away because this is one of the features which are useful working tools, but there are more features requested sooner and by much more people.

still this idea is under consideration not thrown away.


Hi Jan… Sorry, my disappointment was because it would likely be later than sooner than not at all. :slight_smile:

I’m living without the feature at the moment… it’s not a barrier for my use, just a really nice to have. I can see there isn’t enough following up this request yet.

I’ll sit and be patient and continue loving emClient and hoping for this feature one day.

I dont really see a need for this “feature” as it is quite easy to do with “rules”.

Create a rule:

  1. After message has been received
  2. received using *your email address*
  3. set categories *newcategory*

You can either show “category” in the column display of mail screens or under the “appearance -> lists” settings, tick or untick “Use color of category as text color”

There you go… Simply to implement with the existing application. I have it set up for different colours already and it works a charm!!!

yes, this is very good solution, thank you for posting it.

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Will this work when you have email on more than one machine? Aren’t categories only local?

It should work on multiple machines, my custom categories are synchronized over emails from PC to PC (at least on our mail server with our emails it does, but it should work at least with Outlook too as I was able to use this on it too)

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