EM7 - Not Working - Help

HELP. I’ve just upgraded to EM7 and now don’t have a working email client!

The upgrade went well, but on opening the client I get “Going offline” and nothing further happens.

Do you have a licence for version 7? What does Menu > Help > License show? I suggest you contact us at support@emclient.com.

I have a licence for 6, i was going to upgrade from within the client. However if i cant open it (so cant get to the “menu/help/licence”!!), i am unlikely to upgrade a non working product!

Any help would be gratefully received!

Suggesting I email when I’ve said I don’t have a working email client ISN’T very helpful!

same thing with me. It says going offline then eventually crashes. It does ask me for a license but i am not going to buy a license when i cant even get this far.

Well now 6 doesn’t either work after whatever you did with this install and 7 wont open either , how do i go about getting a refund for my version 6 license?

I have the same problem.
I work with EMC 6 and after Update to EMC7, emc goes offline and crashed.
What can i do?

I appreciate that I am probably being impatient, but I now don’t have access to my existing emails, can’t send or receive emails and I am clearly not the only one, and all because I wanted to upgrade and give you more money. If you are unable to fix this, could you at least tell me how I get back to EMC6 because I RELY on emails and your client!!

The bright side is it forced me to use the new default mail program in the updated windows 10 for the first time and it’s actually pretty great.

Any responses from tech re this issue? I thought I could you to the emclient website license manager but it is asking that I install Microsoft Silverlight. I do that but it still asks me to install Silverlight. Who uses that anyway?

I am pretty shocked that EM Client would release a full version upgrade and have zero personal support standing by to help with these issues on day one but I guess that is the reality.

Just a heads up for you those think paying might fix this. It doesnt.

I went and paid for the version 7 upgrade through their website that suddenly this error everyone is having would go away , but of course it did absolutely nothing and it still gives the going offline failure to nowhere. I just requested a refund.

After 24 hours with NO SUPPORT (either here or by email) I’ve managed to get v6 working again.

If anyone from Support bothers to fix and support version 7, let me know :slight_smile:

I had the same issue.

Ended up taking a copy of my data files and Em client roaming folder then removed em6. Installed em7 then activated it.

Closed em7 then copied my data and roaming folders back to their original location.

Everything then worked as it should have.

If you are still looking for prior version of em Client   release 6  this web site is their  release history page that one can download either an older release 6  or the latest release 7


Ive got 6 working, thank you. What I’d really like is for someone from the company to address the issues we are having with v7, but that doesn’t seem likely.

On release 6   Top of screen is a HELP button  pulldown that shows a Support link  that will route you to a new web page (not forum)  where you can open up a ticket for support.   response has been  generally 2 to 3 days  This is for paid license.


Hope this helps

I can’t say I’m impressed with the support.

This thread posted 4 days ago, several with issues - No help.

Emailed 3 days ago - No reply

Sent support request 2 days ago - No reply

Although there is a feature of v7 that I particularly need, I’m not inclined to hand over more money with such a poor level of support.

Here’s my problem currently. Which version specifically do I ‘downgrade’ to ? Do I need to uninstall the current version? Do I lose my email if I do that? Basic stuff that should be written for users when the company emails a link for you to Upgrade to version 7. I would have thought. Given it’s payed software.


Something VERY WRONG: When an upgrade is offered, MUST GUARANTEE CUSTOMER to advise that “this new update WILL GENERATE COSTS”! Confirm that you are AWARE OF THIS!**

What you are doing is INDUCING PEOPLE, YOUR CLIENTS to error! And this is, at the very least, INCORRECT!

I await SOLUTION Immediate!