eM7 & 4K screens

I reported a problem  a few months ago viewing eMClient v6 on my 4k touchscreen (Dell 15" laptop). Basically, most of the buttons were too small to see and use.
I’ve installed eM7 today, and am pleased to report that the problem appears to have been fixed. It’s early days, but the whole presentation seems much clearer and less cluttered.  Well done.
However, currently I haven’t worked out how to import my Calendar and Tasks. Mail and Contacts are fine though.

Hello, to add Calendar and Tasks back on the sidebar, simply right-click either Mail or Contacts and select “Calendar” and “Tasks” in the context menu. This will make them appear in the sidebar.

The issue isn’t how to show and access “Calendar” and “Tasks” in eM7, it’s why haven’t the contents of my Calendar and Tasks folders been transferred from EM6 to eM7?  If my emails and contacts can be transferred without problem, how come the contents of my Calendar and Tasks folders have been obliterated by the upgrade? 

Can you try Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6? This could’ve been a bug and we’ve had some reports of users resolving it with this process.

Thanks, but it’s too late now as I’ve recovered the lost data by re-keying it. However, before releasing another upgrade, you should be sure that all the information stored in eMClient is transferred without hassle.