EM won't let me forward an email without attachment!

I sent an attachment to someone and they replied. I tried to forward that email to someone else and EM kept telling me the attachment was missing. I checked “NO” I do not want to attach something and “Don’t ask me again.” Then clicked send and the same message keeps coming up without sending. The original email with the word “Attached” was part of the email I was trying to send but the respondent didn’t send it back. I didn’t want it sent back and forwarded to someone else. The reminder is good for sending emails when you mention an attachment and forget to attach it but not for forwarding or replying. How do I turn that off? I looked through the settings and couldn’t find it.

Hi Bryan, you can disable this confirmation in Tools > Settings > General > Confirmations and uncheck the option “Notify if sending an email without attachment…”, but unfortunately this will disable the confirmation completely, it’s not possible to disable it for replies/forwards only.

Hope this helps,

But I like that feature when sending the original email, just not for replys or forwarding. Can’t eM distinguish between originals and ignore previous emails?

No unfortunately this feature can be only allowed for all messages or disabled for all messages.

Sorry for the inconvenience,