eM vs TBird memory requirements shown on older laptop

Was somewhat surprised by the difference on an older Acer 4620Z running Vista.

eM Client          43,488
Thunderbird    142,060

Will try this on the netbook running 8.1 soon.

eM Client uses a fair amount of Win services (.net etc) whilst TB is pretty much independant.
Also, eM Client varies from version to version sometimes. Then it’s optimized.
But you are correct TB is getting bloated espescially when you use add-ins (Lightning etc)

Which one then is best to use on an older laptop in your opinion.  If you are only running the one program and no other apps on the system.


I use Vista 32b HP & I have never noticed eM Client usage as low as yours. But then, Windows ‘allocates’ resources according to availability, & will use the swap file if there is insufficient RAM. So if you doubled the amount of RAM avilable the usage pattern would change. TB is no longer ‘mainstream’ whilst eM Client is ‘Paid for’ (Pro) with a free (limited) version. Anyway I would go with eM Client - I wouldn’t be posting here otherwise, so I am not really an independant voice.