eM v5 problems with synchronization. Calender dates off.

I just downloaded and installed eM client 5. Two issues from the get go: 1) it seems to be having a lot of difficulty synchronizing with my msn account-- very slow and I have waited all day for it to get through downloading around 500 messages (there are over 2000 in my inbox on MSN.com. Also, I looked at the calendar and noticed that the 2013 day/date matchup is actually for 2012. That makes this pretty useless. Anyone else notice any of these ‘features’?

OK-- so the calendar problem is simply that the column headings for the days start with Monday rather than the traditional Sunday. That makes it appear like the dates are off if one is not recognizing this, which, obviously, I was not. So that is not a problem.

However, I have had eM running all day and it has really messed up my inbox synchro and the sent mail as well. Is there a limit to the number of messages it can handle? I have over 2800 msgs in my inbox on outlook,com. The new messages are coming through, but the messages from the past four months are missing.


In Europe start of week is Monday not Sunday, that is why it is set as default , but you can change this in Tools - Settings - Calendar - General.

And there is no limit in synchronization, I use as my non work email also outlook.com (for many years now) and it was always slow at initial setup with too much emails (I have more than 10k of them and it takes hours to synchronize all header, simply because Outlook does not allow to download them instantly on one try)

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