eM trying to contact phishing site

Hi. Why is eM Client, under the guise of MailClient.exe, repeatedly trying to connect to www.devicesservice.com which according to BitDefender is a phishing site? This is the BD message:

Online Threat Prevention
We blocked this phishing page for your protection:
Accessed by: MailClient.exe
Phishing pages attempt to obtain sensitive information such as login credentials or credit card details by disguising as trustworthy entities. The stolen data can be then used for financial gain.

No information is available online that I can find other than Google info which states Google first indexed the site 3 months ago. Does anyone know what this website actually is and what it does? Is it a phishing site? Any information/reassurance would be gratefully received. Many thanks.

It could be because you have receive a message from that domain, and there is linked content in the message that is being downloaded, like images. eM Client has privacy settings to prevent that, which you will find in Menu > Setting > Mail > Privacy.

Or it may be because you received a message from that domain, and eM Client is trying to retrieve the favicon which will be used as the sender’s avatar. If you don’t want to retrieve avatars from external sources, you can disable it in Menu > Settings > Contacts.

Thanks for your reply. I will check my Settings as suggested and see what happens.

It could also be tracking pixels in a message you have received. See: Email Tracking | eM Client | eM Client

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