EM Spam controls

Hii I switched from thunderbird… I was using spamfighter to block spam. Do you have the same spam filters in place?

Also, I get emails in Chinese. Is there a way to block ALL emails in other languages other than English?


Hi, spam filter is server side feature, eM Client has only blacklisting (Actions - Move to Junk).

Blocking emails based on language is not supported.


I thing - spam blocking is client feature. Everybody have own spam set … bayesian filter very help. But must run on client.
Client have more cpu power (and time) per one e-mail than server with hundrets messages per second.
And antispam rules is better configurable for one client … not for thousands on server.

Good antispam is one of killer feature of mail client :slight_smile: I vote for SpamBayes implementation (http://spambayes.sourceforge.net) or similar.

Sorry, my english not good.

If you look in the found topics on the right side (or look for 'spam filter), you might find some topics dealing with spam filters.

I’ve read that Spamihilator is successfully used by some people in combination with eM Client.

I’m getting tired of all the Chinese spam lately. Would love to see an option to block types of ENCODING.