EM putting all kinds of emails into my junk folder, including those from my contacts!

Firstly, I have no filters set up.

About a week ago EM started moving emails to my Junk Folder, bypassing my inbox folder.  These are valid emails that I have not selected as junk.  It was annoying, but it didn’t happen more than once or twice a day, so I was living with it.  NOW, however, it started moving emails from my contacts to my junk folder, including those from my secretary!  I still have no filters set up, so I can’t figure out what’s going on.  Any ideas?  I’d hate to have to go back to thunderbird. 

By the way, your Get Satisfaction system isn’t working on the latest version of Firefox, had to re-do this on chrome…

Hi Mike,

I’m using Firefox 29.0.1 and I think I don’t have issues with this forum … what is not working for you?

It won’t let me log in, very latest version of FF, whatever that is…

Hi, can you please go to Tools > Rules and open the blacklist, please check if there are any items (addresses) blacklisted that might be causing this behavior. Other than this blacklist, eM Client doesn’t have any other feature that would be capable of marking the message as spam.

Thank you,

Well, for some reason there are rules blacklisting tons of domains, not sure how this happened.  However, still not every email that’s automatically going to my junk folder has a rule in the blacklist section.  My secretary’s email (or domain) is not in the blacklist rules, and her emails are still automatically going to my junk email folder, bypassing my inbox.  Why is this?

Hi again Mike, can you please try clearing the blacklist and try if it happens again?
There’s really only a manual way how to enter an email into the blacklist, eM client is not sorting your emails automatically, only chance would if your mail server did this, what mail service are you using?

Thank you,