eM password issue

Despite setting up my Blueyonder email account exactly as it is in Outlook eM keeps saying my password is invalid when it tries to download my mail from Virgin/Blueyonder.
I have changed the password (again, the new one works in Outlook & when I access my email on the Virgin website) but I eM still says it is invalid.
My other email accounts are accessed fine, as is my wife’s Blueyonder.
Any ideas?

Hi, have you tried re-add that account?


Just tried that Jan and had to do a manual setup to get POP3 set up.
Still not sending and receiving properly so I’m about to uninstall/reinstall to see if that fixes it.
If I can get all my accounts working it looks like an ideal replacement for Outlook 2003 which is a bit flakey under Windows 8.1, especially as it imported my contacts and calendar from Google perfectly, something that Outlook never managed to do.
I have 3 email accounts (Virgin, Gmail, Hotmail) and my wife has two (Virgin & Hotmail) does this mean I have to use the Pro version?

Thanks for your help…Martin

Hi, for 3 and more accounts you have to use pro license, free license supports maximum 2 accounts.

Can you go to Tools - accounts and tell me if this faulty account is on 3rd and lower position from top?


Hi Jan,
I don’t know what caused the import to fail as I couldn’t make much sense of the import log but the accounts are listed in the following order:

Chris Blueyonder
Martin Hotmail
Martin Gmail
Chris Gmail

Then they seem to be repeated several times - it looks as each time I try it the import sets up the accounts but doesn’t transfer the emails .


So it is not happening anymore?